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The festival  »  7th Year 2011

eLnadruhou - NOT ONLY lesbian cultural festival květen 2011th

And in 2011 we can once again look forward to May, which will be another year of this unique festival, which annually seeks to create space for LGBTIQ community and the general public from throughout the Czech Republic and some from abroad through our foreign clutches.

As at 5 October we once again proclaim the International Animated Film Competition (MSAF). The award ceremony will take place in the competition films the festival ends.

Create short animated films and get a financial reward.
The International Animated Film competition can be anyone who can log into motion pictures, the 2011 is the theme of integration into society LGBTIQ community and vice versa. Create your own story with LGBTIQ topic, perhaps you are an expert jury will award the prize or prize-winners of viewers who will be the projection of images of all registered to vote. More information about the contest, see contest rules below the icon FESTIVAL. Deadline 30th April 2011.

I Worship in the Evangelical Church of St. Saviour with the appearance of a young staff make sense and therefore we want to continue this activity and continue to offer non-believers and visitors návštěvnicím brief stop at the church, which has a strong charm and unique atmosphere.

Even in the coming year will no longer miss the traditional sports in the afternoon accompanied by a children's day next year again enriched with sports news and the table football tournament.

Your comments or ideas please write to and if you have something to offer the program, so do not hesitate to write to
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