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Year 6 (2010)  »  Expert panel

In this section you can find jurywoman a juror for the International Competition of Animated Film in the 6th eLnadruhou year - not just lesbian cultural festival.


Aleš Rumpel is director of the Queer Film Festival mezzanine. He studied English language and literature at the Masaryk University in Brno. It focuses on the mechanisms of marginalization of gay and lesbian themes in the media and feminist film theory. Since 2006, he has a team of the International Documentary Film Festival One World Human Rights, in 2010 prepared a programmatic section Tolerant Intolerant to themes of neo-Nazism and nationalism. For the Documentary Film Institute has prepared two annual presentations of Czech documentaries. In 2005, Teddy sat on the jury, which awarded the prestigious prize for the best GLBT film IFF Berlinale. In 2007, sat in the grand jury Queer Lisboa festival in 2009 in the commission of international film competition Crossing Boudaries. The team has Mezipatra festival since 2003. Since 2010, a member of the government's Committee on Sexual Minorities.

Mgr. Psavel Purkrábek Mgr. Pavel Purkrábek stage designer, a former lecturer of the Department of Stage Design Prague Academy of Performing Arts, now a free-lance; 
  Eliška Děcká is a film journalist and theorist. After graduating from the Law Faculty of Charles University is completing studies at the Philosophical Faculty of Charles University film studies, where he is currently working on the thesis "Autobiografičnost directors in the work of Czech animated film. It is also a scientific investigator of the grant female heroines animation. From being a programmer work in 2008 with Femina Film Festival (Animation section). At present, published mainly in cultural periodicals and A2 Cinepur. Filmovědné is a member of the International Society for Animation Studies Society.
Jiří Hromada is an actor, dabér, but especially the most visible representatives of Czech homosexuals. George managed to bring together meeting gay and lesbian initiative.
In 1977 he decided to study the Academy of Performing Arts and then played ten years Theater (EF Burian). Spun and dubbed films, recorded for radio. He was never in any party, but ran into the Parliament
  Anna Purkrábková working as a major production Mezipatra Queer Film Festival, where in 2007 sat in the student jury. Studied Film Studies at the university and is currently completing its third year, the Department of Film and Television production at FAMU. As a coordinator guestservisu worked for the International Festival of Animated Film Anifest. Currently she is a member of the programming department of the International Film Festival Karlovy Vary.

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