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Year 6 (2010)  »  Participants.

In this section you will find detailed information about individual performers and events that you can visit the 6th eLnadruhou year - not just lesbian cultural festival.

Ladislav Zikmund-Lender

As art theorist and curator. As Chief Curator of the exhibition Homosexuality and art 1800-2000, editor risen to her catalog. He has to collections of 19th and Gender Century (2007) and Gender and the art of the 19th and 20 Century (2009), Paper defender streets of Prague, collaborated on architectural monographs of famous buildings and famous Prague 10 villas Pilsen region. It deals with gender studies in art history, theory presentations of art and architecture. Since 2009, the center director Kotěrova - Trmalova villa. There are currently preparing a monograph of the architect Václav Rejchla and extensive part of the gallery of J. Karasek Lvovice for a monograph on homosexuality in Czech culture.  

Lecture Queer Fiction in Czech culture vizální

The lecture is devoted to the topic of queer fiction in Czech visual culture of the 20th century. We will try to look after the various approaches in exploring images through optical queer. Let's look at some key approaches which may be beneficial for our environment, and even avoided explaining concepts. Whether we go in any direction, one thing is common - all concepts are mere fiction. In the second part of the lecture will look at several important figures in Czech history of queer art that everyone in their "strange" way contributed to the formation of queer visual fiction - Jiri Karasek ze Lvovic, Jan ginger and finally briefly mention the younger generation Fernando Vacha.  

Queer SHOP
Online store for the queer community. Books, movies, t-shirts, rainbow trains, pancakes - all with lesbian and gay issues.

Exhibition Our pets
Festival organizers eLnadruhou invite all those who have their pet at home, so he took pictures and sent to the address eLnadruhou. Whether your pet cat, dog, snake, hamster, turtle, horse or human.

It does not matter. The point is to take pictures, write captions and send electronically to or mailed on CD to address the association eLnadruhou axes, pump 9, Prague 9, 190 00th Photos must be 300 dpi at 100% size. Ie. that if the photo across the A3, it must be measured as an A3 (297 x 420 mm / 300 dpi, and preferably a bit more, because spadávce, approximately 0.5 cm from each side, so it could well crop while maintaining the format).

To 20 April 2010 Send your pictures to the above contacts, the jury will select
9 best photographs that are printed on A3 and exposed to the Café Therapy in the opening of the inaugural occasion of the 6th eLnadruhou year - not just lesbian cultural festival. It's a unique opportunity to publicly show his own eyes of your pet.

Libuse Konopová
Author of Sex for men (2009) and advocate of women's porn, that our approach and openness breaks all rooted prejudices about sex and erotica. More about L. Konopová can be found in this interview.

Logos Brno (or warm community of Christians)
Ecumenical community of Christians and their hot friends who want to enrich each other on the journey of faith and life.

The parish choir CCE U Salvator
The parish choir active in the Evangelical church of St. Saviour in Severability street, Prague 1 More about the College can find HERE.

Pansy Dancy
Pansy Dancy in the Czech Republic, a unique dance for lesbians and gays. These totally unique courses for gays and lesbians started its activities on the 21st March 2010, when it held its first dance class. The Pansy Dance is a major emphasis on professional approach, modern environment and very friendly attitude of the team of dancers and organizers Pansy Dance. These objectives, the project organizers achieved thanks to the newly established cooperation with the Prague Dance Academy in cooperation with renowned dance Yemi AD. The Pansy Dancy There is no dress code. Nobody here will not dictate what clothes to choose dancing. The only priority is that you feel good and comfortable outfit you no limit.  

Peony & Gentlemen
Vera Pivonkova began his musical career around 1996 in the Illicit pohrobci band as a singer. After the departure of bandleader was nothing to play and so Vera Pivonkova brought his drawer until the song, which gradually began to form a new band's repertoire, entitled Visions. With this band then recorded two demos. First even in the last century in 1997 and a second demo in 2003. Then began a period of searching ... Vera Pivonkova you put an ad looking for a music band. There was a musician from Pribram, guitarist Březovký Milan, with whom the Vera Pivonkova played in a rock band Papaver intermittently for about 2 -3 years. The band not have made any demo in December of 2008, played their last concert in the cultural house in Dobris. In this dark time, Peony has luckily knew Mr. Roman Pluhar - drums, percussion and Mr. Daniel Vojtíšek - bass and could therefore begin to fully indulge in intimate acoustic version of their songs.

And so in June 2008, this new formation Peony & Gentlemen, my first concert in New Hall and Mr. Daniel Vojtíšek after alternating Mr. John Kober, the electric bass player.  

Varied dance instrumental ethno beat inspiration from the music and folklore of various countries and genres. Combining the themes of African, Arabic and Balkan music, with rhythms of rock, jazz and ska. Performed his closet for six-year involvement in a number of cities and clubs in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Poland, and Hungary. It is worth mentioning concerts brněském Fleda club, festival or Boskovice in Prague Febiofest. After the great success may be 2nd place in the bands BoomCup, or reached the final in Brno Demoparádě Student Radio. The band has recorded his own closet promo CD, recorded largely in the studio Radio Ostrava.  

Norah Noizzze & Band
Norah Noizzze started his solo project in late February and March 2007. At present, both within its project, and under his baton the band Norah Noizzze & Band, a performance dedicated to songs in English and German. As for the style with which this queer Austria endorsed the formation, it is a music mixing elements of an independent and so-called pop noise rock. Sami then called it a "proto-punk from 2013!" / norahnoizzze

Jana Lota
Career Latvia Jane, whose real name Jane Latvia Spaniards, began in the folk arts school, where she enrolled in first grade of primary school. Already at that time was part of girl group and performed with the agendas for young people on the radio. Music for her, she becomes more than entertainment, and thus application of Chomutov school went to the Prague Conservatory. Here five years studied pop singing. After a small episode in a modeling agency is reassured that it is right for her music. In studies performed in clubs with his band, La Grupa (ex-Bo), and slowly came more experience. As a vocalist her to work on their album The band was invited siločarách Kitts. It is also involved in the cover Divokýho Bill (between them) and last album, the band Wohnout Screw you grandpa. The greatest experience of John considers cooperation with Dan Landa, with whom she left as a vocalist Vltava Tour, where each concert came about 10 000 people. For the future, however, was substantial cooperation with wouhnoutem Matej Homola, with whom she wrote material for their debut album. Plate in the production Yards Helešic published in autumn 2007 and received the positive response.

Single people, to which Lot made his first clip, scored airplay. With the participation of academic and Ota Tinsmith rapper from South Africa. And a single plate is characterized by the quality of texts, which John writes itself. Her doll for a song composed by vocalist and rising star Niceland with which to support each other. Its a very promising career is still more or less at the beginning.

Children's Day
A fairy tale for children this year will take care Theatre ANPU for you and your children prepare study art workshops.

The rules for this year's tournament was about sports compared to last year amended. Are set to meet the needs of most stakeholders. Each category will be awarded separately and Challenge Cup Best Group will team who submits the best performance and will play fair play to determine the "secret people" designated by the organizers eLnadruhou - not just lesbian cultural festival. Watch the news and sports section where we publish in the near future application for the following sports.

FILM I Can not Think Straight
Tala, a London-based Palestinian, prepares for her wedding to develop the Middle East when she meets Leyla, a young British Indian woman who is dating her best friend.
Spirited Christian Tala and shy Muslim Leyla could not be more different from each other, but the attraction is immediate and is deeper than friendship. But Tala is not ready to accept the consequences of the choice of her heart, which for her and escapes back to Jordan as Leyla tries to move with her life, discovered to their surprise, tradition-loving parents.
How do Tala wedding day approaches, simmering tensions come to boiling and the pressure mounts for Tala to be true to herself.
Moving between the large Middle Eastern enclaves of high society and breathtaking background of London's West End, I can not think of examining the conflicts between East and West, love and marriage, conventions and individuality, creating a humorous and tender love story of an unexpected and unusual freedom.

Theatre ANPU
Art is an experimental theater, where actors, puppets, music, decorations, evoke feelings of movement, which live together and create a kind of whole. The final form of presentation should be based on the contrast between the humor and poetry, dramatic tension and suggestive visual - sound atmosphere and also to give space unique product, open access of actors to the audience.

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