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About us

eLnadruhou is an NGO which represents interests of lesbian, bisexual and transsexual women also organizes the “NOT ONLY lesbian cultural festival eLnadruhou”, which is open to all regardless of nationality, belief, sexual orientation, or any other minorit

  • The idea of eLnadruhou (L2) an NGO run by and for women emerged during 2004 while a legendary women’s group Apriles - the organizer of 10 years old “Prague LBT festival”- announced its ending. After several lengthy discussions on amending and adjusting the Apriles concept, the members of new support team agreed upon establishing a not-only-L/B/T cultural festival where all women would be welcome. Thus, while eLnadruhou was and still is promoted as a continuation of Apriles, both the festival line-up and its overall image were gradually changed to appeal all women and LGBT-friendly people.
  • After filtering and settling, the core of future L2  NGO was established in early 2005. The team started to define the main areas of interest as well as the statutes. The group collected and submitted all the necessary information to the Czech Republic’s Home Office to apply for NGO status. The outstanding women to be credited for this initial work are: Martina Zoubková, who designed the original L2 graphics and whose enthusiasm proved to be a priceless success factor; Adéla Denková, the tireless administrator of many talents; and Tereza Mikšaníková the head manager, who outlined the whole project and bears the full legal responsibility for the L2 NGO.
  • The existence of L2 as a legally recognized NGO started May 17, 2005, when a company registration number was granted to L2 by the Czech Home Office.
  • L2 gets new graphic remake including new logotype in summer 2007. Young graphic designers Anicka and Verasek join the team. New L2 beta version website is launched on 25th October 2007 with the IT by Nandu. L2 is applying for government funding through grants, not successfully. The only source of money remains Slovak - Czech Women´s Fund and Global Fund for Women without which no L2 would be able to start. Great thanks belong to these funds. The L2 moves, changes it’s character and board – all of this in October. By the end of 2007 L2 becomes a patron of Rozdilne Rytmy group. Work on their separate website has been started. 2007 has been a year full of changes for L2.
  • Irreplaceable Daniela Orlando is leaving the PR and translating position. Even though Daniela has moved, she was still helping out with texts and translations for the 14th NOT ONLY lesbian cultural festival eLnadruho which came out to print at the beginning of May 2008. The “NOT ONLY for LGBTIQ community” brochure came to print in May both in English and Czech language. It was officially christened by Marketa Hronkova and Tereza Miksanikova in Café Therapy. L2 NGO becomes a part of Working group for sexual minorities by the Human Rights body of Czech Government.  On the 28th June 2008 L2 takes part in the first Queer Parade in Brno with its info stall right by the stage. Rozdilne Rytmy website was launched in during June. Graphic design by Anicka and Verasek and IT guts by Nandu. L2 was and is trying to educate, participate and link LGBTIQ community to better communicate its aims. Yet another round of grants applications – 4No. The International competition for animated film has been launched in December to reflect on 3 themes: coming out, parenting, encounter. 2008 has been a year of great development for the L2 NGO.

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