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7th Year 2011  »  Competition Rules

MSKAF is the abbreviation for the International Competition of Short Animated Film, this year for the civic association eLnadruhou announces the third time.

Art. 1 - General Provisions
The international competition of animated short films (the competition) is governed by the following competition rules. The film is accepted into the competition if it satisfies all the conditions and requirements stated in the rules and the application of the competition. Accepting his movies inappropriate content (such as pornography, films with Nazi or racist motive or racist propaganda).

Art. 2 - The organizer, the promoter
ELnadruhou organizer - not just lesbian cultural festival:
eLnadruhou person with a mailing address: Pump 9, 190 00 Prague 9, e-mail:; Web:, which is also the promoter.

Art. 3 - Time and venue
The competition will take place within eLnadruhou - not just lesbian cultural festival to be held in Prague, in May 2011.

Art. 4 - Important dates for registration of all films in international competition
1st The competition is announced on 5 October 2010
2nd Competitive film was completed after 1 January 2009.
3rd Application must be received by 30 April 2011, unless extended L2 closing date on this site.
4th The jury's decision will be announced in May 2011 to end the festival, not later than 30 6th 2011th
5th Publication of titles and winning photos will be winners on the web L2 by 30 June 2011.
6th Competition film must be sent no later than 30 April 2011 to 24.00 hours.

Art. 5 - Essential Conditions
The international competition of animated films can be entered only film that meets all the following conditions:

1st duration of the film must be in the range from 20 seconds to 30 minutes
2nd the film was completed after 1 January 2009
3rd film must include the Czech and Slovak versions or for any other language version Czech subtitles
4th film is on DVD
5th film must be focused on LGBTIQ (L = lesbian, gay = G, B = bisexual, transgender T = I = intersex, Q = queer) community
6th film must be on the topic: Integration LGBTIQ community in the society and vice versa
7th the film is delivered to 30 April 2011 to the postal address eLnadruhou axes, pump 9, 190 00 Prague 9 to 24.00 hours.
8th form processing of the film: Animation
9th range of technologies is limited.

Art. 6 - Competition Theme
Logged film must be focused on LGBTIQ (L = lesbian, gay = G, B = bisexual, transgender T = I = intersex, Q = queer) community and must include elements of integration into society.
The film must include: name, age and whether or not suitable for children.
Development of ideas and views on a given topic is not specified.

Art. 7 - Application
1st Applicant must possess a film authorization to sign a film in competition and have permission to film in entirety by these rules, or at least the person with the power to grant such consent to the use of film in that range.
2nd Applicant must complete an application in the Czech language and deliver it to the postal address eLnadruhou axes, pump 9, 190 00 Prague 9, at 30 April 2011 until 24.00 hours. Application will be available on request at L2. That applied to each film must be filled out and sent a separate application.
3rd The form is not associated with the payment of any fee to the organizer, the applicant had to bear the costs associated with filing.
4th Along with the application the applicant must deliver the following materials:
a) quality recording to register the film on DVD
b) a curriculum vitae in Czech or English, and director of photography (at least in print resolution. 300 dpi) photos from the film, at least one piece in print resolution (min. 300 dpi), a short abstract film range from 50 to 500 characters in Czech or English language. These materials must be supplied in photocopiable form data (the data carrier suitable format such as CD or DVD, or sent by e-mail to mail in e-mail subject must be of the competition).

The materials presented in this article shall remain available to L2 for their eventual archiving purposes.

Art. 8 - Jury
Assessing the competing films in the period from 6 May - 16 May 2011 a panel consisting of representatives of LGBTIQ community, a representative of the Department of Film and Television Academy of Arts Graphics, filmography leaders and critics and other prominent cultural figures. The jury called L2. The jury is excluded anyone who in any way participated in any of the films. The jury assesses films according to their quality, interesting, artistic expression and benefit society. The jury selects the winner of the films.

Art. 9 - The prize money and a statement
L2 appreciate the winners selected by a jury and before the financial reward in the form of vouchers or checks totaling 10.000Kč and on-site ceremony. In case of absence of sound or a written excused absence from the applicant of the ceremony and the ceremony to the organizers canceled the price (the winnings) for eLnadruhou axes.

Art. 10 - Final provisions
1st Organizer is entitled to make changes to the rules of competition, but it must immediately notify them at least through the web site
2nd These rules are governed by Czech law and any disputes relating thereto, the Czech courts pursuant to Czech law.
3rd Is applicant filing under these rules, acceptance of rules, which will be published on the invitation to tender and reserves the right to raise questions about competition in the mail

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