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Year 14 (2008)  »  Featuring

Aneta Langerová – Live in concert

The winner of two Singer of the Year awards
(APH Anděl Allianz 2007 and the Report – Žebřík magazine readers' poll)
appearing live in 2008 all throughout the country!
Last month saw Aneta finishing the first leg of her spring "club" tour of the Czech Republic. A series of 10 live performances solidified her reputation of a mature and unique musician considered by many the future Czech pop star. She excels not only at singing, though, but somewhat surprisingly at guitar (both acoustic and electric) and bass playing as well.
Unafraid of changing even the best-known hits when performing live, she may be also hailed as one of the daring pop musicians who are willing to step outside the boundaries of the commercial arena – much to the pleasure of the audience, we may add.
Faster and more energetic songs interspersed with serene passages, a professional sound, and an entrancing light show – all of this makes up for a great concert by Aneta (with a backing band lead by Martin Ledvina).
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South American wine tasting and the Festival Opening at Café Therapy

This year's opening will be followed by a cocktail menu and wine tasting conducted by a trained sommelier Ms Jana Szajnarová (Ambiente Brasileiro) which we hope everyone will enjoy. A comprehensive review of the Brazilian, Chilean, and Argentinian wine regions featured therein follows.

At the moment the total area occupied by Brazilian vineyards exceeds 78,000 hectares, most of them being located in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, where you'll also find the most important winemaking regions – Vale dos Vinhedos, Serra Gaúcha, Campos de Cima da Serra and Campanha. The fifth region, Vale do Sáo Francisco, is found near the equator in the tropical northern state of Bahia.

Serra Gaúcha winemaking region

Cabernet Sauvignon Volpi 2005 Salton
– a rich purple wine with a distinctive grape taste. Has a gentle attractive scent with traces of chocolate, tobacco, peppercorns and oakwood.

Merlot Reserva 2005 Boscato
– an excellent harmonious wine aging in oak barrels, sporting an aroma of oakwood with undertones of cinnamon, Morello cherry and plums, and a uniquely balanced combination of tannins.

The premier Chilean wine-making region Casablanca Valley – which stretches from Valparaiso towards the Pacific coast – is significantly colder than its southern counterparts. The second biggest region, Central Valley, comprises of vineyards totaling 37,150 hectares altogether. One of them is Aconagua, the heart and soul of Chilean winemaking industry.

Central Valley winemaking region

Sauvignon Blanc Reserva 2007 Ventisquero
– a green-tinted white with traces of yellow. Exudes an intense aroma of passion fruit and citruses. A lasting, well-structures taste with well-balanced acidic content.

Valdivieso Cabernet Sauvignon Rosé 2006/ Viňa Valdivieso
– a deeper pink wine with an attractive sparkle, clear fruity bouquet and a full-bodied, lively, refreshing taste.

Ventisquero Shiraz Reserva 2006 /Ventisquero
– a deep-purple to black red giving off a distinctive, blackberry-like fragrance of dark forest fruit, with spicy undertones and faint traces of smoke.

The fifth biggest winemaking country in the world where 70% of all wines comes from the Mendoza region (sited at more than 1,000m). The Argentinian produce, however, goes mostly to the local markets; only a fraction of it is sold abroad. Malbec is currently the best-known local brand.

Mendoza winemaking region

Malbec Reserva 2005/Bodega Lurton, Tunuyan
– a very dark, purplish red, emitting a strong aroma of berries, dark stone fruits, and plums, with undertones of resin. Has a versatile, spicy taste with a balanced tannin content.

Lili Marlene – Live in concert

The Lili Marlene band – often labeled as “futuristic chanson” – is a brainchild of the renown Czech keyboard player and producer Martin Němec (ex-Precedens), whose music and lyrics bring together the seedy ballads of early 20th century and contemporary rock/electronica. Easily recognised by Dáša Součková’s stirring alto, the band recently won the attention and favour of Argentinian music-lovers and reviewers alike.
For further info (available in Czech only) please visit

Život je fajn (Life is Life) Black Theatre play

Using František Kratochvíl’s new and original approach to Black Theatre, the main protagonist guides the audience through an ordinary day and a perhaps-a-little-too-ordinary life. Melting the key features of the genre into a single non-verbal performance, the play itself is interactive – ie the audience is welcome to participate – and crosses the boundaries between the classical no-frills 3-D Black Theatre, cartoon, dance, and pantomime. Partly light-hearted verging on the grotesque, partly poetic, the uniting force of this performance in which contemporary dance merges into classical ballet numbers is the presence of main characters.
For further info please visit

Czech and Slovak LGBTIQ activists’ conference

In accordance with its main goals – to re-establish mutual communication between the Czech and Slovak LGBTIQ NGOs; to discuss the possibilities of its further expansion (through joint enterprises and other projects); and to evaluate the changes brought on by EU membership –, this conference is devoted to practical issues (fundraising; promotion of the LGBTIQ movement in the local media; constituency recruitment) as well as those related to LGBTIQ movement in a broader sense (central European particularities; the current position of local LGBTIQ communities in relation to the womens’ rights movement and to each another) and those requested by participants.

Klec bláznů (The Birdcage)

Written by Jean Poiret
Directed by Robert Bellan
Duration: 2¼ hrs
# of intermissions: 1 (15 mins)
The Birdcage is a drag club in Saint Tropez. The star of the show, Albin, has lived happily with Georges for twenty years, but now Georges’ son wants to marry the daughter of a right-wing MP and a co-founder of the Coalition for Moral Order. When she brings her parents to meet Mom and Pap, Albin and Georges do their best to impersonate a “normal” couple of impeccable morals and manners.
The Birdcage (La Cage aux folles) was the most successfull French comedy of the 1970’s. It was soon adapted for film which was nominated for three Academy Awards and won a Golden Globe, while one of the actors also walked away with a César Award and a Donatello Award.

eLnadruhou Sports Afternoon and the BEST GROUP Tournament

Year 14 of the not-only-lesbian Cultural Festival eLnadruhou will again feature the Sports Afternoon, which will take place from 12pm, Sunday 11 May, in the Na Františku outdoor leisure centre, Praha 1, Prague. All visitors are welcome to come and play volleyball, soccer, basketball, table tennis, and miniature golf, or even try technical climbing, running and long-jumping.
Also the soccer and volleyball tournaments will be held during the afternoon – if you want to enter these, please fill in the application form and return it in due time.
All other sports and activities are optional.
A locker room and a bathroom, as well as a shop selling inexpensive snacks, are available on the spot. Please bring only such footwear as not to damage the artificial surface of the playing field.
Children's playground available too.

How to enter into – and win – The BEST GROUP Tournament?
Please fill in the application form (available in the Sports section of this webpage) and return it to us via before 5 May, 2008.
The annual Best Group Cup will be awarded to the team scoring most points total by the end of the tournament. Obviously, the more sports and activities you attend, the greater your chance to win the Best Group Cup as well!
The rules of games featured by the eLnadruhou Sports Afternoon are listed in the Sports section of this webpage.

The eLnadruhou Annual Table Football Cup

(taking place in the VAGON music club & pub Saturday 10 May 2008; for pre-registered players only)
Only teams of two players are eligible for this double-conference tournament. Within each conference, each team plays each other according to the schedule which will be announced as soon as the sign-up is closed. The first team to score 6 goals wins the set and the first team to win two sets wins the match.
The first 4 teams of each conference qualify for the finals. The team to win the most matches wins the tournament; if the finals are a draw, the team with fewer defeats recorded wins the tournament. Should the winning teams have equal number of defeats on their record sheets, they play each other according to the abovementioned rules.

Gray Matters movie screening

When a brother and a sister meet the girl of their dreams…

Romantic / Comedy
US, 2006, 96mins
Directed by Sue Kramer
Starring: Heather Graham, Thomas Cavanagh, Bridget Moynahan, Molly Shannon, Alan Cumming, Sissy Spacek, Rachel Shelley

They finish each other's sentences, dance like Ginger and Fred, and share the same downtown loft – the perfect couple? Not exactly. Gray (Heather Graham) and Sam (Thomas Cavanagh) are a sister and brother so compatible and inseparable that people actually assume they are dating. To their biggest surprise, they even end up falling in love with the same woman – Charlie (Bridget Moynahan). A sweet romantic comedy about a young girl's search for herself, which brings about a completely new vision of love… and fate.  (from and

“Maja 2008” Rock Party

Starting 11.30pm, Saturday 10 May, in the Vagon music club & pub. Featuring a new DJ (of Radio Beat fame) whose choice of records we hope you'll all appreciate.

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