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Year 15 (2009)  »  Glossary


LGBTIQ: abbreviation for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersexual and queer

Lesbian - a homosexual female

Gay - a commonly accepted synonym for a homosexual male (and also female)

Bisexual - one sexually and affectionally attracted to members of both male and female sexes 

Transsexual - a person who views their birth sex as incorrect or incompatible with their self-image, and who takes steps (including but not limited to physical and/or hormone therapy, and surgery) to make their outer self match their self-identification. 

Intersexual - persons born with the full or partial male and female sex organs, or with underdeveloped or ambiguous sex organs. About 4% of all births are intersexual to some degree.

Queer - the word queer is now being reclaimed as a sociopolitical umbrella term for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, transexual, and other non-heterosexual preferences, as well as intersexuals and other non-heterosexuals.

homosexual - one who is sexually and affectionally attracted to members of the same sex

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