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1. I would like to join eLnadruhou. What should I do?
You should read the L2 statutes as published here (note: the English version will be available soon), fill in the application form and send it directly to

2. What will happen next?
As soon as the form is processed, the prospective member will be notified by e-mail or a preferred means of communication as indicated therein.

3. How do I become a member?
The membership is obtained and/or renewed by paying the membership fee upon receiving a notification from eLnadruhou.

4. How much is the annual membership fee?
The amount will be specified by the application form or by the notification sent by eLnadruhou no later than two weeks after the application form is submitted via

5. How to make the payment?
The membership fee can be paid:
  • in cash, should you attend any of the events/activities organized by eLnadruhou (just contact the staff and ask for further instructions)
  • by wire transfer to our Česká spořitelna bank account (No. 222707319/0800). Please do not forget to include the ID number (sent to you by eLnadruhou in response to your application form) in the bank order form. Payments unaccompanied by an ID number will be accepted as donations (not as membership fees). If that is the case, do not hesitate to contact eLnadruhou by post and let us know what happened.
6. What if I pay the membership fee before I get the notification?
If the amount of money sent by you differs from the current membership fee, or if the payment is not accompanied by the appropriate ID number, the payment will be accepted by eLnadruhou as a donation.
Should the abovementioned happen against your will (for instance by mistake), please send a letter to eLnadruhou, Čerpadlová 9, Praha 9, 19000, and kindly explain what happened. Please do not forget to include your ID number (if you have one) in your letter. (Note that eLnadruhou cannot accept an explanation letter sent later than two weeks after the payment was made.) The same applies in case you require that eLnadruhou refunds your payment. Allow up to four weeks to a response/return payment.

7. Who can become a member?
The membership can be obtained regardless of your gender, sexual preference, religion and/or ethnicity.

8. Do members have any rights?
Instead of rights as such, the members are guaranteed discounted tickets to any event organized by eLnadruhou including the eponymous festival. On the other hand it is not mandatory for the members to contribute to eLnadruhou in any other way apart from paying the annual membership fee, so it is up to everyone whether they want to be involved further or not. Any extra contribution is done on a voluntary basis.

9. When does my membership expire?
The membership expires if the annual fee is not paid properly, or if eLnadruhou is discontinued, or if the member dies.

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