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9.12.2007 Presented by Sunfilm o.s. and Sunfilm Productions Ltd. The event is supported by Prague City Council and is taking place today at 8pm in the Utopia club, 45a Bělehradská St, Praha 2, Prague.

In "Vanishing Neighbours" a group of young filmmakers (age 12 to 15) tutored by renowned film professionals is tracing the footsteps of Czech Jews lost during WWII.

THE KIDS OF HARTMANICE (Duration: 31mins. Award-winning documentary hailed as The Best Czech Documentary at Finále Plzeň film festival and awarded a special prize at České Budějovice Ekofilm festival in 2006. Also met with huge success in the Netherlands.)

THE LITOMYŠL JEWS EXPEDITION (Duration: 47mins. Based on the screenplay "Vanishing Neighbours of Litomyšl" which is generally considered the prime example of the nationwide "Vanishing Neighbours" series.)

The Sunfilm producer Ms Zuzana Dražilová, M.A., will be available after the screening to answer any questions you might have.

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