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The Nightmare Before Christmas movie screening

11.12.2007 The movie of choice (dir. Henry Selick, USA, 1993. 76 mins. English with Czech subtitles) for all who have learned to know and loathe Christmas. The screening is taking place in the Utopia club, Monday 17 December (45a Bělehradská St, Praha 2) at 8pm.

Feeling tired of all the pre-Christmas madness? Beginning to find the idea of dispatching all reindeers down the black hole and hanging Santa et al as high as possible more than just a wee bit appealing? Getting the urge to give your nearest and dearest something nicely wrapped up in that lovely Christmas paper – something to make them cry blue murder and banish the spectres of Peace and Goodwill once and for all? Join us in Utopia (that is, the Utopia club) and see how Tim Burton reworked the Christmas stories in his uniquely twisted and infantile way. No more jolly grey-haired fatmen with their bags of sweets and goodies! No more childish dreams! Welcome to Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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