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My Thanks

14.5.2008 As the main organizer of the not-only-lesbian eLnadruhou Cultural Festival, I would like to extend my thanks to all attendants and performers

as well as the Divadlo Radka Brzobohatého theatre, Café Therapy, and all who gave us their moral, physical, or financial support. Also those who directly contributed to Year 14 thereof, namely Martina Štěpánková who managed the CzechoSlovak LGBTI activists' conference; Veronika and Anička who provided the layout and graphics; and the Vagon team: Margita, Klára, Yvonne, Danča, Tom, Lucka, and Terezka. And last but not least the Slovak-Czech Womens' Fund and the Global Fund for Women for their continous financial support, without which neither the eLnadruhou NGO nor the festival would be possible.

My profound and heartfelt thanks to everyone!

Tereza Mikšaníková
Head Manager

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