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Football tournament – Ladronka Cup

30.8.2008 Utopia the Primitive Communal Club is pleased to announce the annual Ladronka Soccer Cup which starts at 2pm on 6th September in Prague 6 – Břevnov, in Ladronka park, to commemorate the 15th anniversary of taking over of the empty farm Ladronka by a grou

– refreshment available (beer, soft drinks, sandwiches)

– teams are kindly asked to register by phone at 777 592 291 or after arrival

The Rules of Game

Only five-membered teams (4 players, 1 goalkeeper, no more than 2 alternating players in each game) are eligible for this tournament. Direct kick fouls (punishable by a free shot at goal from the halfway line) include all serious fouls as well as deliberate handling of the ball in the goal area.
No throw-ins (ie corner kicks only).
Both single-sex and mixed teams are eligible for the tournament.
A match consists of two periods of 15 minutes each and a change of sides mid-game.

Either each team will play each other or it will be a double-conference tournament (according to the number of teams). Unified football dresses or team T-shirts are strongly recommended.

The winner will be awarded the Ladronka Annual Cup which will be in their keeping until the next tournament (scheduled for spring 2009).
The Utopians await ye abundant crowds!