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1.9.2008 Jihočeská Lambda (GL organization in Southern Bohemia) would like to invite you to a four day more or less queer sport and social camp in Svatý Kámen u Rychnova nad Malší, 25th – 28th September 2008.

The invite goes to both sport teams and individuals, anyone interested in meeting new people, nature walks and fun evenings. You can bring your straight friends, too. Total price is 1300 CZK. This includes accommodation for 3 nights, food from lunch the first day till lunch the last day, wine tasting, and participation on the offered program. Price for a shorter stay can be agreed with the organizers. Accommodation: 2-6 bed rooms, shared toilets and bathroom. Food: full board in a spacious diner with excellent kitchen. Things you can take part in during days, evenings and nights of the four days: Voleyball, football and petanque competition. Reserve wine tasting with a lecture Bike or walk trip „Borderland sights long hidden from our eyes“ A lecture and discussion on „Legal view of registered partnership law“ „Čepelky“ drag queens show Erotic pluck track for either girls or boys In case of good weather – a log fire, otherwise and evening inside. Midnight mass Training for volunteers – „HIV/AIDS prevention within GLBT community“ GLBT film If you want more details, send us a text message on 774 563 390. We will phone you back and give you full details. You can also find out more on web pages of RR (in Czech).