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29.9.2008 At the end of July 2009 there will be another “Gay Olympics” call Outgames in Copenhagen. After very succesfull participation of the Czech team at this year’s Eurogames in Barcelona we would like to encourage you to participate in the next similar event

Among nearly 40 disciplines you can find table tennis, rugby, volleyball, football and others.


If you sign up by the end of September 2008, you get a discount of 300 Danish Crowns (approx 1000 CZK). The entry fee is paypable now.


Come and play with us!


If you decide not to attend later on, before 30 April 2009 you can transfer you registration to someone else, so you do not need to worry about this early sign up. Before that date you can also cancel your registration for a fee of 600 CZK.


To find out more visit the official webpages


You can fly with Click4Sky from 3990 Kč on sale now.


Source: Laci from  Pratety