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Sport Sundays

8.1.2009 With another year on our hands, we will not be lazing around. eLnadruhou invites you to to regular sport evenings.

Strating Sunday 18th January you can join us at the school gym of primary school Základní škola, Květnového vítězství 1554, 149 00 Praha 11 – Háje. Until March we will be playing there football every Sunday from 5pm to 7pm.


Members of eLnadruhou can play for free, others pay 50 CZK per session, payable on the spot.


If you don’t know where the school is, you can meet us every Sunday at 4.45pm at bus stop number 154, towards Brechtova.


Bring indoor shoes and sports clothing.


To find out more about how to become a member, click here.

If you need anything, contact Klara “Sharky” at