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Wanna join a parade?

27.1.2009 If you feel like taking part in the Tabor Parade on the 20th June 2009, read on..

Do you want to find out how to take part in QP in Tabor, Czech Republic? Get 50% discount to the party or other great stuff?  Want to find mates to create a banner with? Or get financial support to get materials for one?
L2 will help you.
Having problems getting there or dont want to travel alone?
Want to meet up with some people first and go there in a group?
Other stuff stopping you joining?

L2 not for profit organization is offering a hand:

  • As a part of L2 - 15th NOT ONLY lesbian cultural festival (20th -26th MAY 2009), there will be workshops on making banners.
  • L2s group is looking for members to march with us
  • L2 is offering material to prepare banners and if theres enough people joining, L2 will arrange transport to and from Tabor for free (for L2 members)

Just email us on before 20 APR 2006 that you want to join the parade under the L2 flag. Don't forget to add your name (NICK) and your phone number. Looking forward to hearing from you!