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Queer Parade in Tabor - update

16.2.2009 yet another organization meeting has been held yesterday for the coming Queer Parade in Tabor. L2 as one of the organizers is bringing you a short info.

Preparations for the parade are up and running thanks to the great organization team.

The numbers of participants are growing (more then 50 already) confirming the growing interest
in celebration of the LGBTIQ comunity.

Everyone can take part in the parade - individual or a group looking for visibility or just willing
to show support to the LGBTIQ community. It is common for heterosexuals to take part in parades
around the world to celebrate freedom together. Firemen, Nurses, groups and organizations take part
to enjoy diversity at  their workplaces.

Lets hope we will have great, discrimination free celebration of our pride in Czech too.

Do not hesitate at all and apply
or just turn up on the 20/06/2009 in Tabor!

official Queer Parade Tabor website
on-line application

 *to join our L2 group*