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Rainbow Spring 2009 coming soon

23.2.2009 The date of international sports tournament in Prague is coming, it will be happening the first weekend in May. Matches on Saturday the 2nd May. Organized by PRATETY.

There will be international teams to compete with. Some have already registered.
Accommodation for international teams is provided as hosted housing = staying with

If you wish to take part, fill in the form

table tennis

and send it to:

info for locals:
Please let us know - in the form - how many foreign players could you accommodate.
If you could fit 2, you get free ticket to brunch on Vltava bankside.
The accommodation to provide is basic: bed or sofa, access to shower/bathroom.
Girls at girls`, boys at boys` unless requested otherwise.

This is a great way to make new friends (for future couch surfing at theirs:)
Help make this international tournament happen, you will be rewarded.

Yours not-for-profit sports club Pratety.