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LGBTIQ activist WORKSHOP - limited entries

24.4.2009 L2 is organizing a workshop on how to run a Not-for-profit organization with focus on LGBTIQ community. L2 will be sharing great deal of experience including - structure - public relations - dealing with other organizations - distribution of tasks

Workshop will take place in Prague
between 20/05 and 26/05/2009.

And it will host members of various organizations
fighting for the rights of LGBTIQ community both
in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The workshop is supported by Global Fund for Women -
Slovak-Czech Women's Fund.
Workshop will be running along the
main program of the festival from
22 - 23/05 2009

 !!! limited numbers !!! - 20 - 25 people
first come first serve basis
activists have priority

L2 will contribute or pay the full
travel expanses.

Accommodation provided in
school (with own sleeping bags,
mats) if needed.

Download the Application form
and email it to or email us on
please mention "workshop" in the subject

or by post on:

 eLnadruhou, o. s., Čerpadlová 9, 190 00 Praha 9

 before 11/05/2009

Looking forward to seeing you all!