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Kateřina Jacques will shield the 15th year of eLnadruhou festival

26.4.2009 The vicechairwoman of the Green Party will support eLnadruhou activities with her shield of the 15th year of the festival

We would like to inform you that our non-profit association eLnadruhou and its activitieswill have another support. Except appreciate help from Slovak-Czech Woman´s Fund, Global Fund for Women and The city of Prague, Kateřina Jacques, the Green Party vicechairwoman, has decided to give us a hand as well.

This her decision means that she will take a shield of this year´s 15th eLnadruhou festival and moreover she will start the whole festival with an allocution. It will take place on the 20th May 2009 in Café Therapy.

Through this actuality we would like to very thank you not only to Mrs. Jacques but to everybody who can and manage to help!