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15th Not only lesbian cultural festival - Press release No 2

6.5.2009 15th Not only lesbian cultural festival comming soon. This years patron: Katerina Jacques - The Green Party; support: Dzamila Stehlikova - former Minister for Minorities and Human Rights

We are very pleased to confirm that Katerina Jacques will be supporting the 15th festival, she will also be attending the official opening on the 20th May in Cafe Therapy. Former personalities to publicly support Not Only Lesbian Festival included: Jana Bobošíková, Bára Basiková, Helena Dytrtová, Lenka Dusilová, Aneta Langerová, Tiditade, Lili Marlene and many more.

Former Minister for Minorities and Human Rights Dzamila Stehlikova will also be supporting our festival as she continues to take part in activities organized by LGBTIQ community as after her mandate has terminated. 


We would like to thank everyone taking part in integration of minorities into the society.

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