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Warm Spring Brno - queer community celebrates

7.5.2009 Warm Spring in Brno - Queer festival run by several organizations into gay, lesbian, bisexual, gender and human rights themes.

4th May 2009 , Brno
University Queer day will be running on the 05-05 from 2pm within Masaryk's University 5 faculties who were allowed to take part and place info stall.
Students and all are encouraged to take part in the queer day by wearing a rainbow ribbon or stick a ring to a rainbow chain which will be a part of performance in the centre later in the afternoon.
The organizer of the University Queer day Alžběta Možíšová suggests the Czech society is very tolerant towards sexual minorities, however young people do show frequent homophobic behaviour.
Alžběta also thinks theres is not enough discussion of the topic in schools or media. Therefore The University Queer day would like to contribute into this debate by sharing information and promoting Queer pride on academic grounds.

The discussion on the 5th May will be about various identities within the Queer label and the importance of its use within media, who continue to use homosexual, which does not cover the variety of minorities and has conotations to former medical diagnoses.

The program of Warm Spring includes more debates i.e. "how to make a lesbian porn" by Manuela Kay - the organizer of Berlin Porn Festival; Vagina workshop by V Queens; reading by Studividla within the Light for AIDS evening; The L Show party and closing Queer Parade party in Fleda. The final day of the festival will be on the 6th of June - a sports day.
Throughout the festival - tune in to listen to Rainbow wave on the R Radio - new on-line students and community radio.

Queer Pride parade will be running on the 20th June in Tabor. Mirek Zajdak from Queer Parade Brno explained that Czech is too small for 2 parades, so Brno decided to celebrate queer pride by mont long
continuous festival. The two Brno and tabor are in contact. Tabor organizers are coming to Brno on Friday the 15th to take part in the discussion about Queer activism in Central Europe. Also Slovakian Ganymedes is comming.

Contacts: Andrea Jochmanová, Jolana Navrátilová ■ tel.: 732 735 266, 777 817 499
Uni queer day: Alžběta Možíšová, Vladimír Seifert ■ tel.: 731 119 425, 732 967 816  ■