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Our partners Color Planet

28.5.2009 Both personally and on behalf of the L2 organization I would like to thank everyone who took part in the festival and all the supporters who helped make it happen for their financial help - Slovak Czech women fund, Global fund for women, The city of Pragu


then i would also like to thank Evangelic church St. Salvator for letting us have the very 1st service for LGBTIQ community, Café Therapy for offering great space, those who supported us physically, mentally or financially, all those who took part in realization of the 15th festival, namely:

Andrea Vašákova for the drive and enthusiasm

Klára Putkova for running the sports afternoon

Markéta Hronkova for support and the opening speech

Kateřina Jacques for taking part

Veronika and Annička for graphic design

Bara (thats me:) and Jana D. for translations on the website

Yvonne for support

Markéta Navrátilova for the Queer shop and help with arranging T-shirts

pizzeria Donna for the sports prices

Hanka Brožkova and Carrangi for photography

Agnes agency and Mr. Ježek for running the seminar for LGBTIQ activists

International Short Film Festival Jury (Zuzka Bukovinska, Olga Pechova, Eliška Děcka, Jiří Hromada and Pavel Purkrábek) for voluntary help with picking a new talent

Danča for help

Atlas Cinema, Hollywood Classic Entertainment, Color Planet, Živé library, Letí Thetre, Sananni, French institute, Bez Zábran Theatre, Logos, Goethe institute, Barrandov TV and Vagon.

My thanks belong to all of you and all those who came to take part, because without you , there would be no festival. Thank you.

Special thanks to my parents, sister, Máca, Janina and Jana.

Tereza Mikšaníková
Organizer and coordinator of the project