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XMAS Tournament - Frankfurt

23.9.2009 Dear Athletes, We would like to invite you to The 21st XMAS Tournament. It takes place in Frankfurt from December 4 – 6, 2009.

The sports competitions/workshops are

– Badminton | Women
– Badminton | Men
– Bowling | Mixed
– Fitness Workshops | Mixed
– Running-Cycling | Mixed
– Soccer (Football) | Women
– Soccer (Football) | Men
– Swimming | Mixed
– Table Tennis | Mixed
– Tennis | Doubles
– Volleyball | Women
– Volleyball | Men

If you are interested please find out all the details about the tournament at  You can also contact us on  
If you live in one of Frankfurts partner cities like Prague, Budapest or Krakow and would like to participate, please register as soon as possible so we can properly benefit from the partnership program.