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15.12.2009 We have again invited to the party. We want to point out that the party again overlap, and our civic association disagrees, because we publish overlapping party last time. The next time you will find here only those terms which do not cover each other.

Ladies and Ladies, Freedom Night is back to Friends (Bartolomějská 11)!!

Have you ever tried to be someone else? We can make this wish come true. Freedom will introduce the Drag King of the Night. Get a butch costume and the judges will select the winner. DJ Henriette and her guests will take care of the music and La Dernier Dessert feat. Monsieru le Gateau is getting ready her fabulous show. Warm up from 9 to 11 with Karaoke with crazy Wéé. Entrance fee 100 CZK, drinks and staff for special prices

Photos from last party HERE.

Red Ladies Freedom Night will be 22nd of January