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London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival is coming!

2.3.2010 "gay Christmas" 2010 will be running in London from 17th to 31st of March 2010. The South bank of the river Thames shall become a gay planet once again.

The festival hasn't started yet and Topp Twins - yodeling lesbian twins from New Zealand are becoming a hit already. Leanne Pooley shot a documentary about them called Topp Twins: Untouchable Girls(2009). Jools and Lynda will be in town to introduce it.

Last year Czech Pusinky by Karin Babinska opened the festival, this year we do not have a single film at the festival. Prague has played a role in All Boys, Polkien bisnes (2009) by Scandinavian director Markku Heikkinen. The documentary is about Porn industry and the sacrifices the protagonists had to make.

The rest of the "Europe" section is filled with films from Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and United Kingdom.

The "World" section is dominated by pieces from bold USA in contrast with rare jewels from Nepal, Uruguay or Izrael.

For example Leo's Room - Enrique Buchichio's debut – is a fragile tale of a young man fighting quietly with the daemons of coming out. Leo, who only shares these with his therapist accidentally meets his primary school classmate Caro, who has her own issues. Their reunion has profound effect on both their lives.

More then 20 years after the fall of Curtain wall we are still discovering films that have been censored by communist regime. One would have thought, we had a chance to see them all. Not yet!

This year - in the Special screening section" we can watch Sergei Paradjanov's (1924-1990)
Ashik Kerib (1988) – a story about love and banishment. Not explicitly homosexual content has been read by critiques as a metaphor of Paradjanov's own life.

There is all this and much more:
short films, experimental films, Dusty Springfiels TV shows, workshops, disco We are Famlily!, Unskinny Bop party

Photo of last years Pusinky cast
courtesy of Christa Holka


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