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Queer Noir

7.4.2010 Dear friends, I would like to invite zou for a lecture of prof. Richard Dyer QUEER NOIR.

which takes place on 13th April at 6 PM in House of Light in Prage, Czech republic (Dům světla, Malého 3/282, Praha 8 - Karlín).

Film noir was one of the first places in film where lesbians and gay men were consistently present. Sometimes this is in the form of obvious and derogatory stereotypes, but sometimes things are less clear. This presentation will argue both that some of the stereotypes are also some of the most vivid and engaging characterisations in the films and also that the lack of clarity about who is or isn't queer is itself part of the noir construction of a world characterised by the anxiety of uncertainty. The talk will be illustrated from films such Gilda, Laura, In a Lonely Place, The Big Combo, Farewell My Lovely and The Killing of Sister George.

Richard Dyer teaches Film Studies at King's College London. His books include Stars (1979), Heavenly Bodies: Film Stars and Society (1987), Now You See It: Historical Studies in Lesbian and Gay Film (1990); Only Entertainment (1992), The Matter of Images: Essays on Representation (1993), Brief Encounter (1993), White (1997), Seven (1999), The Culture of Queers (2002), Pastiche (2007) and Nino Rota: Music, Film and Feeling (forthcoming 2010).

Lookind forward to see you at the event!

Ladislav Zikmund-Lender