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9.11.2007 Ever heard of the renowned Swap Party? Of all its incarnations, the Bookswapping Party is now the hottest and newest!

Should you have trouble finding an excuse for partying these autumn days, do not hesitate and join us for the evening of soulful fun which is

#1 Bookswapping Party
“Swap your paperbacks for hard-covers and your Danielle Steel for Sigmund Freud – or vice versa!”™

This fabulous event is taking place Thursday 15 November from 6.30pm in the great hall of Nová Síň gallery (Voršilská St, Praha 1, Prague). The gallery is within walking distance of both Národní třída St and the National Theatre (Národní divadlo) and there is temporary parking available nearby.
In the future, the Bookswapping Party – according to its ever-ambitious organizer – should be held three to four times a year. As for the basic rule: bring all the books you don’t read anymore and swap them for anything that catches your fancy so you don’t end up with a roomful of empty bookshelves. The party also offers a great chance to stock up a small-scale public library entrusted to your care (as, for instance, daycare centre libraries, nursing home libraries, and such like). More information available on the spot.
Please bring along any no-longer-read books regardless of the genre – all of them will be distributed anonymously.
The books will be sorted into the following categories:
Romance & Chick Lit
Travel Literature, Guidebooks, and Maps
Nonfiction – Pedagogy, Psychology, and Social Sciences
Nonfiction – Economy, Mathematics, Physics, and related subjects
Biography & Autobiography
Thriller, Mystery & Crime Fiction (especially those you know by heart already) and other suspense novels
Costume Gothics & Adventure Novels
Science Fiction
Foreign-language Books
Books on Nature, Wildlife, and the Environment
Books that won’t fit into any of the abovementioned brackets no matter how hard you try

Those arriving with a great amount of literature are encouraged to turn up earlier – the door opens at 4pm.

The Bookswapping Party is presented courtesy of
Lark Company Party Service
under the auspices of the Party Service President Ms Magdaléna Skřivánková
For more info please call 777675277
or e-mail

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