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News - Rok 2008

Aneta Langerová live in concert

9.5.2008  Some pictures from Aneta Langerová's live show, which took place Friday 9 May as a part of not-only-lesbian Cultural Festival eLnadruhou (Year 14), were added to the Gallery.

Gallery Ammended

7.5.2008  We've added some new photos taken during Year 14 of the not-only-lesbian Cultural Festival eLnadruhou (the Wednesday opening party and today's Part One of the Czech and Slovak LGBTI Activists' Conference, respectively) to the Gallery.

Sports Afternoon Footwear Note

5.5.2008  If you're planning to attend the eLnadruhou Sports Afternoon (Sunday 11 May), please note that both the football pitch and the volleyball court in the Na Františku outdoor leisure centre are sealed with a new synthetic surface.

The festival will start under Aneta's auspices

30.4.2008  We asked Aneta Langerová and Markéta Hronková to act as godmothers for our new brochure which will make its first public appearance

Memoir Freedom Night

Memoir Freedom Night

17.4.2008  Do you still remember the Prague clubs maLér, Áčko, and Connection? If you do,

Advance Sale of Tickets

Advance Sale of Tickets

17.4.2008  In regard to limited capacity we strongly recommend buying the festival tickets in advance. The advance sale starts 9.30 to 11pm, April 25, in the Friends Club (where the Freedom Night dance party will be taking place simultaneously).

Festival Accommodation

14.4.2008  As usual we offer accommodation in a school gym – namely in Jižní Grammar School, Praha 4–Spořilov, Prague (1750 Jižní IV St).

SPORTS Application Form

8.4.2008  The application form – which you need to complete and return if you want to attend the eLnadruhou Table Football Tournament (scheduled for 7pm, Saturday 10 May, Vagon music club & pub)

Festival Line-up

8.4.2008  The festival line-up (related to Year 14 of the not-only-lesbian Cultural Festival eLnadruhou) was just updated and the Featuring section ammended.

RR meetings

RR meetings

5.4.2008  The RR meetings section of this webpage was just updated. During April you can join us for some enjoyable walking with Blanka, a board-game session in the Café Therapy, a volleyball match or a get-together in the Duhová Čajovna tearoom.


3.4.2008  April 8, 2–5pm, is a good time to be around Náměstí Míru Sq, Prague, Czech Republic.


1.4.2008  Unfortunately, eLnadruhou was once again deemed unworthy of financial support by Prague authorities.

Festival Line-up

29.3.2008  This year festival's lineup was just added to our webpage. Year 14 of the not-only-lesbian Cultural Festival eLnadruhou is taking place May 7 to 13, 2008 in Prague, Czech Republic.



18.3.2008  Two more sets of photographs (the Café Therapy set and the Atlas Cinema set) have just been added, thus completing the last year festival's gallery.

Jiný břeh (Another Shore) LGBT section at Febiofest film festival

Jiný břeh (Another Shore) LGBT section at Febiofest film festival

18.3.2008  The ceremonial opening of Febiofest 2008 is scheduled for Thursday 27th March in the Anděl Village Cinema, Prague; the film rolls will start spinning in all auditoriums Friday 28th March. Can’t wait already?

Join us now!

17.3.2008  All members are entitled to discounted tickets and day passes (especially – but not exclusively – when the eLnadruhou festival is concerned). During winter, the regular Sunday indoor sport meetings are also free for all members.

The NOT-ONLY-LESBIAN Cultural Festival eLnadruhou, Year 14

17.3.2008  May 7–13, 2008, Prague, Czech Republic

Sunday Sport Meetings

Sunday Sport Meetings

16.3.2008  The next Sunday sport afternoons (4.30–6.30pm March 23 and 30) are FREE!

Doubles\' Freedom Night

Doubles' Freedom Night

16.3.2008  "Doubles" Freedom Night launching March 21 at 10pm in the Friends club (11 Bartolomějská St, Praha 1, Prague).

Valentine\'s Day Party

Valentine's Day Party

12.2.2008  Taking place Thursday 14 February in the Friends club (11 Bartolomějská St, Praha 1, Prague) from 9pm. Organized and conducted by DJ Henriette who will also host a karaoke prize contest.

"Czechoslovakian" Freedom Night dance party

10.2.2008  Taking place Friday 22 February in the Friends club (11 Bartolomějská St, Praha 1, Prague) from 9pm.

Rozdílné Rytmy (Differing Rhythms) meetings in February

7.2.2008  New items were just added to the RR meetings' February list. For further info please visit the "RR meetings" subsection of this webpage.

Marta Kučerová Memorial

6.2.2008  For all you women's sports' fans out there: please don't forget to come and see the #6 FIFA Women Adult and Junior Futsal Tournament,

ONE-EYED JACKS movie screening

25.1.2008  A Marlon Brando film presented as part of the "Life and Death in the West" series. Taking place Thursday 31 January in the UTOPIA club (45 Bělehradská St, Praha 2) at 7.30pm. English with Czech subtitles.

Nikdo se nebude smát (Nobody Will Laugh AKA No Laughing Matter) movie screening

22.1.2008  Martin Plitz presents this 1965 movie in the original 16mm format. Taking place next Wednesday, January 30, in the UTOPIA club (45 Bělehradská St, Praha 2) at 8pm. Czech without subtitles.

UTOPIA theatre performance (in Czech)

UTOPIA theatre performance (in Czech)

21.1.2008  A theatre play performed in the UTOPIA club (45a Bělehradská St, Praha 2), Tuesday 29 January at 7.30pm.

Electro Rock Freedom Night

Electro Rock Freedom Night

20.1.2008  This year´s first Freedom Night will launch Friday 25 January in electro rock style.

The eLnadruhou family expands

The eLnadruhou family expands

15.1.2008  IT'S A GIRL! Our team has acquired a new member, Barbara Hacsi, who will be running our PR department and, in the near future, will take up the spokeswoman's responsibilities as well. She will gladly answer any questions sent to



14.1.2008  A public reading performed in the UTOPIA club (45a Bělehradská St, Praha 2), Tuesday 22 January at 7.30pm. Featuring Pavel Liška and Pavlína Vojtová.

Swap Party #13

Swap Party #13

12.1.2008  A Piece for a Piece or, Catch-as-catch-can! Taking place in Parc Fermé cocktail bar (6 U Vodárny St), Thursday 17 January from 6.30pm.

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