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News - Rok 2008

Utopia theatre performance (in Czech)

Utopia theatre performance (in Czech)

11.1.2008  Přátelé Žehu (Cremation Fanclub) theatre play performed in the Utopia club (45a Bělehradská St, Praha 2), Tuesday 15 January at 7pm.

History of Czech GLBT Movement art exhibition

11.1.2008  This exhibition takes place 7 to 25 January 2008 in Dům národnostních kultur (Minorities' House), 3 Vocelova St, Praha 2, Prague (near Radost FX club).

RR meetings January 2008

5.1.2008  Happen to have lots of free time on your hands you don't know what to do with? Come and join us!

Sport Season 2008

4.1.2008  As of 6 January 2008, 5pm, the regular Sunday soccer meetings (in the gym of Květnového Povstání High School, Prague) start again.

New Poll

3.1.2008  A new poll has been added to our webpage. Should you wish to let us know what aspect of the not-only-lesbian cultural festival eLnadruhou you find the least exciting (and in desperate need of improvement), please vote now.

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