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8th year 2012  »  Performers

In this section you will find detailed information on individual performers and events that you can visit on the 8th eLnadruhou year - an open lesbian festival Prague 17 5th - 21 5th The 2012th This section is gradually replenished.


ElblesbenSpektakel is a grassroot festival of the lesbian community at HausDrei, a cultural community center in Hamburg, Germany. Featuring arts, music, literature as well as political and health issues, and parties, of course, the ElblesbenSpektakel is one of the annual highlights. The organizers come to elnadrouhu to share their experience and to give insights into lesbian life in Germany.
Hilke Bleeken, manager of women's and lesbian culture HausDrei, Synje D. Atmaca, Angelika Friedrich, Aster V. Delgado, Kirsten Lundin, Lujan Martelli


Aster V. Delgado is a Filipina lesbian artist based in Hamburg, Germany. In 1996, she started to paint. Her often colorful and clear images reflect her political visions, her fantasies, dreams and passions. From the beginning, her art has consciously dealt with the situation of women and lesbians. Aster’s paintings show – in a sometimes almost painful, but always beautiful way – the strengths of women and lesbians and their harsh lives in patriarchal societies. We understand from Aster’s work that these issues are not only images on canvas, but reflections of reality.

Luján Martelli (aka Sara Mago)
Born in Argentina. She studied Graphic Design at the Visual Arts School “Lino Spillimbergo” of Bahía Blanca. Between 1987 and 1996 she worked there as a graphic designer for diverse print and graphic media.
Luján moved to Tierra del Fuego in 1997 and started painting again. As an autodidact, she joined several art studios in Argentina and Germany.
She has been living in Hamburg since 2001.
Under the directions of Alfredo Genovese, Luján began the study of the “Fileteado Porteno”, a traditional painting style from the city of Buenos Aires, at the beginning of 2004.
In 2005 she met the Maestro Fileteador Jorge Muscia with whom she did different workshops about the “Fileteado Arte popular de Buenos Aires”.
Since 2008, she has been a member of SKAM e.V. and since May 2009 of Frappant e.V. collective of artists, sharing a studio space in Hamburg-Altona. She is a member of BBK Hamburg, Berufsverband Bildender Künstler e.V. Hamburg.
In 2010 she started her project: „What do the walls talk about today“ – art and resistance in Latin American countries.

Inge Kaliska
My main artistic activity is live-drawing: "Das Visuelle Protokoll". I am drawing live, with brush and permanent ink.
While people are not used to be drawn, they feel attracted when they see it happen. They are surprised to recognize themselves, and their fascination for the aesthetic and artistic reproduction is a key-result of my work.
I started with "relationship maps", sketchwork in Hamburg’s women only places in the 90ies. Today I work for clients, draw during birthdays, family festivities, events.
Live drawing does not mean caricature. Nor does it compete with documentary photography, although the image is precise and characteristic. "Das Visuelle Protokoll" transfers special moments into an unconventional image by using traditional drawing and computer technique, it deals with the intrinsic value of individual memory. (


Nadja Williams
Music has always been the most important thing in my life. My Grandfather was a jazz-piano player and so the first instrument I learned was the piano. Both my parents play guitar, my Dad folk and my Mum classical guitar. So at the age of ten I decided guitar is more for me and I started teaching myself. Since then I never stopped playing. Influenced at first by The Beatles, Stones or Bob Dylan I later got into folk rock and I guess my biggest influence were The Indigo Girls, Melissa Etheridge and Amy Wadge. Through the years I played in a couple of bands and wrote lots of songs. Whenever I get the chance I perform and so I got to play at the ElblesbenSpektakel in Hamburg in 2011, which was a lot of fun! It is also a big honour for me to play at the eLnadruhou festival in Prague as my Mum was born and grew up in the Czech Republik. So it is a bit like coming home to my roots. I just recorded my first CD with four of my songs. You can listen to some of my stuff on !


Eyes Wild Drag
Our life in Drag started on 2006, being among the very first promoters of italian kinging. Then, in 2007, a new project started as Eyes Wild Drag, where three women in drag brought an innovative and original style in our country. Inspired by typical drag entertainment, crossing experimental theatre, we tell stories, moving between thresholds of Genders, Identities, Eroticism, Power.
A red line of Seduction and Irony conducts us. We love to find out a new Gender representation concept by using different styles, like musical performance from playback to pantomime, from cabaret to theatre. So our performances reach any place, even abroad (glbt night shows, experimental theatre festivals, rarefied atmosphere cabaret shows, outdoor venues) tracking a very unique Gender Drag path in our country. The game of Gender-Crossing challenges those stereotypes of what it's considered as normal, different, it turns the rules upside down. Duality of Genders becomes a shades and plots infinite spectrum, made of new reality relations.
Some important international experiences in 2008 marked a new start: the connection with Queens Marie, a NY drag artist, a pioneer as a bio queen in US scene; the enthusiastic meeting with Océan LeRoy; the participation to Berlin Drag Festival, the participation as Special Guests to the first International Drag King Festival in Rome, to Off Pride in Zurich on 2009 and, recently in 2010, to International Queer Culture in Saint Petersburg, Russia; all these appointments allowed EWD to have special, precious artistic exchanges, which became a motivating force to go ahead and get deeper with the research on performing such as with Gender (de)construction expressions.

Eyes Wild Drag were born in four, with Andrea, which, since the start, gave an essential contribution to our troupe customs, scenographies and imaginary colors. After *he no longer decided to get on stage with us, *he strongly keeps on staying close to us and in our hearts. Thanks, Andrea! (check out our blog)

Video here!


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