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Year 6 (2010)  »  Regulations

eLnadruhou is organizing The International Competition of Animated Films for the second time and here you can learn more about its regulations

Article 1 - General Terms
The International Competition of Animated Films (hereinafter referred to as the Competition) is regulated by following Competition regulations. Only films which meet the criteria and requirements provided in the rules and the entry form are eligible to enter the Competition. Films consisting of pornographic or racist material are not eligible for the Competition.

Article 2 - Organization
eLnadruhou – NOT ONLY lesbian culture festival and the Competition are being organized by eLnadruhou o.s., Čerpadlová 9, 190 00, Praha 9, Czech Republic, e-mail:, website:

Article 3 – Dates and Locations
The Competition is part of eLnadruhou – NOT ONLY lesbian culture festival and will take place in Prague from May 13, 2010 to May 17, 2010.

Article 4 – Timetable and Submission Deadlines
1. The Competition is announced as of September 15, 2009
2. Submitted films must have been completed after January 1, 2009
3. Films can be submitted no later than May 5, 2010
4. The Jury will make its final decision and introduce the winners on May 17, 2010 in theater Atlas, no later than May 30, 2010.
5. The list of winners will be published on L2 website no later than June 30, 2010
6. Films must be submitted no later than May 5, 2010 12:00 PM

Article 5 – General Criteria and Requirements
Only films wich meet all following requirements are eligible to enter The International Competition of Animated Films:
1. Minimum duration of film must be 20 seconds, maximum duration 30 minutes.
2. Film must have been completed after January 1, 2009.
3. Film must be in Czech or Slovak version. If the film is in different language, Czech subtitles are required.
4. Only films on
DVD will be accepted.
5. Film must be concentrated on LGBTIQ (L=Lesbian, G=Gay, B=Bisexual, T=Transgender, I=Intersexual, Q=Queer) community.
6. Film must be focused on theme of bedtime story (fairytale).
7. Film must be delivered to following address no later than May 5, 2010, 12:00 PM
eLnadruhou o.s.
Čerpadlová 9
190 00 Praha 9
Czech Republic
8. Only animated films will be accepted.
9. The type of technique is not limited.

Article 6 – Competition Categories
Film must be concentrated on LGBTIQ (L=Lesbian, G=Gay, B=Bisexual, T=Transgender, I=Intersexual, Q=Queer) community and must be focused on the topic of bedtime story (fairytale). There have to be included the official title and the year of production in the film. Also has to be mentioned if the film is suitable for children or not. Processing ideas and views on a given theme are not specified.

Article 7 – Entry Form
1. Applicants registering a film into the Competition shall be authorized to show the film at the Festival and dispose of the film as provided in these regulations, or the person holding this authorization shall provide his/her consent for the use of the film specified herein.

2. Applicants shall fill out the entry form in Czech or English and deliver it to the following address /eLnadruhou o.s., Čerpadlová 9, 190 00, Praha 9, Czech Republic/ no later than May 5, 2010, 12:00 PM. The entry forms can be requested from L2. A separate entry form shall be filled out and sent for each film submitted into the Competition.

3. The entry form is not subjected to any registration fee to be paid to the Organiser; the Applicant shall bear any and all costs related to the submission of the entry form.

4. Together with the entry form, the Applicant shall submit the following materials:
a) A high-quality recording of the film submitted into the Competition on
b) CV in Czech or English language and a picture of the director (minimum resolution of 300 dpi); movie pictures (at least 1 of them in minimum resolution 300 dpi); brief film synopsis of 50 to 500 characters in Czech or English. The above materials shall be provided in electronic form (on a suitable data medium such as CD or
DVD or on-line via the e-mail – subject „COMPETITION“).

The Organiser shall keep the materials specified in this article at its disposal for the archiving purposes.

Article 8 – Festival Jury
The films will be judged from May 6, 2010 to May 16, 2010 by Jury consisting of representatives of LGBTIQ community, representatives of Department Film and TV Graphics VŠUP, representatives of filmography, film critics or other prominent representatives of culture. The members of Jury will be selected by L2. Members of the Jury are not allowed to have been involved in the making of any of the films submitted into the Competition. The Jury will evaluate films according to their quality, level of interest and artistic value. The Jury has the right to award 3 prizes.

Article 9 - Monetary Awards and Announcement of Winners
The Organiser will award 3 best films selected by the Jury with 3 prizes in total value of 30,000 CZK. Winners will be awarded directly at the place of  the ceremony. In case of winner´s absence (or if the winner is not properly excused that he/she won´t participate at the ceremony and want to send the prize to his/her address), prize goes to eLnadruhou. Each of winning films will be awarded 10,000 CZK.

Article 10 – Final Provisions
1. The Organiser is entitled to amend the Competition regulations provided the amendments are published on

2. These regulations are governed by Czech law and any disputes resulting from hereunder shall be settled by Czech courts pursuant to Czech law.

3. By submitting the Entry Form, the Applicant agrees with the regulations published at as on the date of announcement of the Competition and will have the right to submit any potential inquiries concerning the Competition to following mail address:

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