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The festival

In preparation for next year eLnadruhou - not just lesbian cultural festival and finally did so much desired and therefore the renumbering in 2010, you can enjoy the 6th this year supporters and friends from the Czech and Slovak Republic.

Take a photo of your pet for an exhibition at frestivalu in 2010
ELnadruhou festival organizers invite all those who are home for their pet, so he photographed and sent to the address eLnadruhou. Whatever your darling cat, dog, snake, hamster, turtle, horse or human.

It does not matter! It is about a picture, write a description, and send in electronic form on or send mail to the address on the CD association eLnadruhou os, pump 9, Prague 9, 190 00th Photos must be 300 dpi at 100% size. Ie. that if the picture across the A3, it must be measured as A3 (297 x 420 mm / 300 dpi, and preferred a bit more, because spadávce, about 0.5 cm from each side, so it may well whittle away at maintaining the format).

31st March 2010 to 9 selected the best photographs that are printed on A3 and exposed to the Café Therapy in initiating the opening occasion 6th eLnadruhou year - not just lesbian cultural festival. It is a unique opportunity to publicly show their own eyes of your pet.

For more information, please write to

Create short animated films and earn reward to 30 000, - Kč
Into the International Animated Film Competition can sign anyone who can rozpohybovat images, this year's theme Večerníček - a fairy tale. Create your own story with LGBTIQ characters, maybe you reward professional jury prize or award you viewers who are all competing for the projection of images to vote. More information about the competition, see the section of the competition rules under the icon FESTIVAL.

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