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Utopia theatre performance (in Czech)

11.1.2008 Přátelé Žehu (Cremation Fanclub) theatre play performed in the Utopia club (45a Bělehradská St, Praha 2), Tuesday 15 January at 7pm.

Marek Tarnovský: Přátelé Žehu (Cremation Fanclub)

A laughable farce; a creative synthesis of the Old Testament, Waiting for Godot and the Grimms' fairytales. Featuring Pavel Liška, Luďka Kráslová, Petr Gruša, Tomáš Vojkovský and Marek Tarnovský. Directed by Petr Liebscher. Duration: about 80 minutes.

"Each and every one of you is far more crippled than me."

"It's gonna be a small step for a man, but a great one for the whole of mankind."

"Don't wanna organize anything, don't wanna be in charge of any single thing."

"I prefer professional erudition."