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1.9.2008 Join the Czech team to World games, which will take place in Copenhagen in 2009. The Czech team was very successful this year in Barcelona Euro games – for example ladies won the volleyball tournament.

You can find the full list of Czech medalists here. After this year’s success there is a strong enthusiasm among those who took part in the Barcelona games to go to Copenhagen next year. If you are into sports you can join us. More info and registration details can be found here. A brief summary: - there will be 38 disciplines - the Czech team is planning to compete in volleyball, table tennis, athletics, swimming, sport dance, floorball, wrestling, rugby etc. - you can sign up by the end of September and save money – the registration will cost you 1200 instead of 1500 DKK (approx. 3800 CZK) - a return ticket with Click4sky (CSA) can be bought now for 3980 CZK incl. tax - there is usually free home stay accommodation, more details will be published in January 2009