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7.10.2008 From 8th till 11th October 2008 there will be the 4th annual international film festival Femina Film 2008 in Usti nad Labem. The topic this year is Women and sport.

Last year the Femina film festival offered mainly documentaries of female directors or about female heroines, their experiences and issues. This year the 4th FFF will be richer with actors film not only from the Czech production. There will be many German, French or South American film about women’s destinies. FFF2008 is also introducing a new theme section, which will be different each year and will be open to non-competition films, too. This year we will use the topic „women and sport“ to look at how women could or could not in the past and today fulfill their desire for sport as a free use of their spare time, we will look into lives of famous championesses and into the back rooms of sports machinery.

Why visit the festival

We should be asking: can I name more than 10 female film directors? How many film heroines can we name of the top of our head? Do we more often see films about male friendship or adventures or about women and their lives? If you are at least a bit concerned that you cannot sincerely answer none of these questions in favour of female authors, heroinesses and their life stories, then Femina film festival is here for you – a festival of films about women and from women.

Sylva Poláková, art director of the festival

Source: FeminaFilm