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2.11.2008 Here is a small list of film we think you should not miss.

Water Lilies
85 min.
Director: Céline Sciamma, France 2007, Format: 16:9
Intimate portrait of three 15-year old girls set in the competitive world of synchronized swimming. This purely female world has its own rules and holds no space for males. Marie has fallen in love and stalks beautiful Floriane, flirting with water polo players. Her lonesome friend Anne can\'t put…

93 min.
Director: Juan Flahn, Spain 2007, Format: 4:3
A light Spanish comedy with an Almodóvar flavor. A humorous portrait of the famous Madrid gay district Chuecatown. An pair of “teddy bears” in love deal with the traps endangering their relationship, be they in the form of a muscular and seemingly perfect Victor, who kills elderly women to…

My friend from Faro
90 min.
Director: Nana Neul, Germany 2008, Format: 4:3

Nuno is an employee of a factory and a boyfriend of his colleague Melanie. But for a fee and under the name of Miguel — Melanie, who is often mistaken for a man because of her style and behavior, hired him to please her father and confuse her brother. Miguel is also a charismatic young man who…

Finn's Girl
88 min.
Director: Dominique Cardona, Laurie Colbert, Canada 2007, Format: 4:3

A successful doctor, Finn, feels lost after the death of her long-time partner. Getting fixated on her 11-year old daughter, Zelly, she wants the best for her. However, she compensates her deep sadness with a career at the gynecological clinic, riding her motorbike and sleeping with her much…

She's a Boy I Knew

70 min.

Director: Gwen Haworth, Kanada, 2007, Format: 4:3

An original, brave, ground-breaking and fun documentary, which the lesbian director Gwen Haworth filmed about her transformation from a man named Steven. She carefully and very openly captures her feelings, reactions of her closest and the complicated sex change. This artistic and intimate…

A Four Letter Word
87 min.
Director: Casper Andreas,
USA, 2007, Format: 4:3

“Home is a four letter word for no other option” explains Luke, a one-night stand hunter. On his last hunt the attractive macho Stephen marked him as a gay cliché, which causes the otherwise self-confident Luke to doubt himself. Zeke, an intellectual and gay activist and colleague from the…

Breakfast with Scot
90 min.
Director: Laurie Lynd, Canada 2007, Format: 16:9
After his mother’s death, the 11-year old Scot gets settled in his uncle’s house. He and his partner Eric, a former
NHL player, must deal with this incursion to their macho, sports-like and straight-acting life. Scot, who likes musicals, make-up and glitter clothes, is finding his place in…

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