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Lets fight for our rights

25.11.2008 As you are probably aware, there is a new public code bill. We would like to ask you to make an active move and show that you are not indifferent to how we live and that we want to fight for our rights and improve our situation.

We must not let the chance for equality slip through our fingers by our passivity and hesitation.


We would like to appeal to you even more because our opponents always pull their power together and use our inactivity against us.


You can send the proposal, prepared by Monika Benesova (incl. detailed reasoning) or your own letter to your MPs.


To find contacts for your MPs, visit the parliament web site.

Monika Benesova’s proposal is available to print here

and you can post it or hand it in person (the better option) to your MP. You can also send the letter with your comments to L2 and we will pass them all to MPs.


If you want to discuss this issue, visit kavarna on


Thank you for your helping.


the L2 team

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