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FEBIOFEST starts tomorrow

26.3.2009 Dont miss the traditional International film festival. LGBT movies are on the menu. Starting tomorrow in Prague.

Different cinemas have different themes, which can be helpful when choosing the movies.
i.e. Asian, Latin American, personalitites, French new wave, extreme and so on. LGBTIQ cinema is called Color Planet. Here you can watch Baby Formula. It is on this Sunday 29/03 at 4.15pm and next Thursday 02/04 at 6.45pm.

Baby Formula

The film is contemplating the impossibility of two lovers having their own baby. Not because they are not able to, because they it does not work.
Documentarist Alison Reid enters the privacy of two women who overcame this barrier thanks to an experiment with core cells.
Athena is trying to prepare her family for unexpected and Lilith is fighting with her two dads' alcoholism.
Common pregnancy problems occure: who should be the biological mother, health of the child etc.
Is it fair to leave the father out of the act of conception? and also universal questions on meaning of life will be asked.
Characters Lilith and Athena originate in director's short Succubus (2006)