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Athletic preparation for L2 members

30.4.2009 eLnadruhou association has decided to prepare a serie of skilled athletic trainings for its members. This preparation will take place due to better preparation for the football tournament intra-eLnadruhou - NOT ONLY lesbian and cultural festival.

As it is mentioned in the official festival programme, the tournament is a part of the Sport´s Day located at sports campus Na Františku taken place on the 24th May 2009. We have decided to insert this athletic training not only for the week when the festival is run.

A part in it can take everybody and this posibility is offered for you regularly every Wednessday from the 6th May up to the 24th June.  The next continuance of the preparation will be influenced mainly by your interest, so it´s possible that the training on the last Wednessday in June has not to be the very last.

Where and who:

All trainings will be guided by an experienced athletic coach at RC Sparta campus. The address is:
Podvinný mlýn, Kovanecká 2405/27 v Prague 9, close to the metro B, Ceskomoravska station. A cloak-room with bathroom ensured at: Arena Sparta,  Kovanecká 2405/27, Prague 9.


  • eLnadruhou members and RC Sparta players have the addmition FREE OF CHARGE
  • for other people the price is 100 CZK per one training or 480 CZK per the whole serie
The list of trainings:

Date Day Start
6th May 09 Wednessday 6.00 pm
13th May 09 Wednessday 6.00 pm
20th May 09 Wednessday 5.00 pm
27th May 09 Wednessday 6.00 pm
3rd June 09 Wednessday 6.00 pm
10th June 09 Wednessday 6.00 pm
17th June 09 Wednessday 6.00 pm
24th June 09 Wednessday 6.00 pm