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Invitation to the party Klit

11.12.2009 Dear friends, curious, perverts, exotics, Santas, Jesus has, asexuálové, lesbians, lesbians and all people who know how to have fun!

Christmas time is here. It's going on in the streets of Prague city condensation slush. Therefore, we can reduce the path of Nations Convention and KLIT no.4 will be held at the premises JAM CAFÉ.

Friday 18. December

The Christmas peace is the good music! O's take care:
finest DJ duo in the CR - URXIN SISTERS
and their friend from dj electroice Germany (DE)
Unless, of course, miss KLIT cookies by Angelo Crew and even gifts! Gifts! Gifts! And what is the best! You can expand it now!
The special Drag King Show will take care friends KLIT team, the most beautiful boys, and we know that we have ceased to be lesbians - Drag Addicts.