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Black and White Freedom Night

19.1.2010 This year we will try to inform you about Freedom Night. First this year is in the style of white, black.

Even Charlie Chaplin looked great in Black and White, so will you! Leave all the red, blue, yellow and green stuff at home - tonight is a strickt dress code. Come as soon as possible - don´t miss the warm up Karaoke with MC Wendulóna from 9 to 11pm and enjoy DJs Henriette and Vilém from Radost FX and Flavia Torgo´s percussion.
We decided to make your night as perfect as possible, so we open second bar for you, no more waiting for your specially priced drinks. Entry just 100 CZK and we are looking forward to entertain you

Photos from last party HERE.
POPSTAR Freedom Night will be on February 19th

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