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New Partner L2 - Piros Valasske Mezirici

17.4.2010 L2 gained another partner with whom will participate in activities that support the LGBT community and its integration into mainstream society.

Based on the address by Mr. Ing. Martin Janus, who asked us to participate in L2 Project Summer School, L2 gained another partner with whom to co-create the background for the LGBT community and to integrate this minority into mainstream society.  

Piros Val. Limit. is a nonprofit organization that concentrates on youth work and area nonprofit organizations. Not only organizes training for youth workers and NGOs, but also for other market players in terms of CR.

Among the activities of nonprofit organizations include:

- Educating young people, NGO workers and people from rural areas
- Consultancy
- Innovation
- Youth fictitious company
- Cooperation with the local, regional, national and transnational levels
- Community planning
- Project vs. minority. Majority

We believe that cooperation in this exciting project will not only benefit both parties, but also and especially for GAY AND LESBIAN minorities and its current status in society!

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