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Photo competition

12.1.2011 eLnadruhou festival organizers decided to re-launch contest, this time it will be a family photo. For example, you and your family, girlfriend / boyfriend, you and household pet, or a couple and you have pets, or bringing up a son or daughter?

What family do you feel is yours. Someone living alone and sees his family, friends, relatives or someone close to her family, parents and siblings, and vice versa someone else sees his family, his dog or cat and for someone else's family and many cousins, cousins, aunt, someone has just or uncle. The possibility to represent our family are many.

This Photo competition is meant to show how LGBTIQ community perceives the concept of family, what it means to us and as part of each of us.

The point is to take pictures, write captions and send electronically to or mailed on CD to address the association eLnadruhou os Pump 9, Prague 9, 190 00 Photos must be 300 dpi at 100% size. Ie. that if the photo across the A3, it must be measured as the A3 (297 x 420 mm / 300 dpi, and preferably a bit more, because spadávce, approximately 0.5 cm from each side, so it could well while maintaining a trim size).

The deadline is Wednesday, 13 April 2011. Organizers selected the best nine images that are printed on A3 and exposed at Therapy Cafe in the inaugural opening of the occasion of the 7th eLnadruhou year. It's a unique opportunity to publicly show his eyes with his own family. During the festival, will be voting on best picture, framed by the closing of the festival will pass directly to the person who sent us photos.

Each of the nine selected photos get tickets for the festival FREE for 2 persons + 1

For more information, please write to

překlad googel

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