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Next Queer in TV

11.5.2011 You can watch next Q on Friday, 13.5.2011 at 11.20 p.m. on ČT2. New Q is about Q-Family.

It is one of the most homophobic arguments: gay and lesbian can't have children. And they can't have children, so they are not ok. And they can't adopt children too. But only for them of gay and lesbien they are in regist. partnership. But people they are gay or lesbian could have children, they had children and they will have children. About right reality will speak Petra and Jana in their nex cafeteria in Karlovy Vary or Nikole with her children in garden. On Friday, 13.5.2011, will start Open festival of eLandruhou, so Tereza can invite you on events they are not only for families, but for gueer families too.

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