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Day against Homophobia

16.5.2013 Since this year is held openly lesbian festival eLnadruhou where we are on this important day for the LGBTIQ community prepared happeningovou event,

we would like to invite you to preserve tradition. Connect our city, connecting ideas and Drain each separately and yet together and jointly lanterns luck.

This year each of us can contribute and become a part of a great event, because you can not exceed the boundaries of Prague region, but also borders the Czech Republic. Attend may in fact every single, and that wherever he is.

Simply purchase any lantern lucky to find a safe place for its launch, and 17 5th 2013 at 22.00 hours this lantern release on the Day Against Homophobia.

Remember the beautifully illuminated water lilies, which are let out of the river's Day against Homophobia? To repeat and hold it happeningovou action continues.

Thank you for helping us and each other.

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